Build Your Own Theme Park in Roblox


Course Description

Roblox Studio fundamentals are taught through fun and interactive projects. Lectures, projects, hands-on activities, and homework assignments will be used to teach and learn. Because this is a beginner-level course, no coding experience or knowledge is required. The students can interact with the Instructor during the class any number of times. However, one extra session of up to 30 minutes can be scheduled with the Instructor to clarify any doubt. Session wise details are mentioned below: Session 1: Introduction to Roblox Studio and Obstacle Course Design. Session 2: Developing Your Obstacle Course Layout and Flow. Session 3: Creating Obstacles and Challenges. Session 4: Adding Power-Ups and Boosts. Session 5: Building Custom Scenery and Decorations. Session 6: Adding Narrative and Storytelling Elements. Session 7: Testing and Improving Your Obstacle Course. Session 8: Finalizing and Publishing Your Obstacle Course

Build Your Own Theme Park in Roblox
  • Per session$20
  • Lessons8
  • Duration1 hour
  • Price$160