Scratch Playground: Create a Space Game!


Course Description

Scratch Playground : Create a Space Game is an intermediate-level course designed to introduce kids to advanced Scratch programming concepts while creating an interactive space game. This course will provide a fun and engaging learning experience that will help kids develop their coding skills and creativity.,Throughout the course, students will learn how to create a space-themed game using Scratch programming language. They will learn how to create the game interface, animate the spaceship, create and control enemies, and add various obstacles and challengesThe course is designed to be interactive and hands-on, allowing students to learn through building and testing their game at each stage. The course will cover key programming concepts such as variables, conditional statements, loops, and functions, and apply them to game development.,The course will begin with an introduction to Scratch programming language and an overview of the Scratch interface. Then, students will learn how to design the game's graphics, create animations and program the spaceship's movement,Later in the course, students will learn how to add new characters to the game, create a scoring system, and program the game's win/lose conditions. The course will also cover advanced topics such as sound effects and game physics.

Scratch Playground: Create a Space Game!
  • Per session$20
  • Lessons8
  • Duration1 hour
  • Price$160